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Accept conditions in terms of agreement / Aanvaarding van bepalings in terme van ooreenkoms.

I hereby apply for membership of Xodus together with the acquisition of one share at R1, and unconditionally:
  • accept that Xodus commits and invests members’ funds in physical precious metals and derivates
  • understand and accept that members’ funds are affected and dependant on the fluctuations in value of precious metals and derivates in the various Xodus pools, that derivate trading and other related instruments comes with high risk and associated with losses
  • accept that Xodus is not a financial service provider and that it provides no financial service, no advice, no intermediary service and no guarantees in respect of profits as contemplated in any Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, regulation or otherwise
  • that Xodus is regulated by the Co-operatives Act [as amended], the Regulations and its Constitution and subject myself to the rules and regulations of Xodus as may lawfully be amended from time to time
  • accept and agree that Xodus exercises members’ rights as a collective right on behalf of members and that no individual rights vest with members
  • accept that Xodus transaction fees, monthly payment of insurance in respect of precious metal holdings, administration and other costs are to be borne by members pro rate to their precious metal holdings and syndicated pool participations
  • accept that my membership may be terminated by Xodus under circumstances where I have no precious metal holdings or no financial involvement in any of the structured pools whether directly or as a syndicated participant
  • accept that the approval and termination of my Xodus membership to be at the sole discretion of the Xodus board
I have read and accept the conditions of Xodus membership.

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